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Canadian Bacon Results

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Well I smoked to different loins yesterday with to different results. The first one was tenderquick and brown sugar. The second was done using Shooters’ Canadian Bacon Dry Cure Recipe. They both were about three pounds, bought at the same place and time. Both in the fridge for 6 days. The brown sugar one is a lot tuffer and not as tender as the other one and I could tell this by feel as soon as I took them out of the fridge. Just wondering if any one has any suggestions on this. Maybe just the different loins. I did not cut them they were already cut. The shooter recipe one is awesome and the other ok.
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Not sure why the TQ one would have been tougher. Was it tough as in tough to eat or just a lot firmer?
Could have been the loin itself but I would guess that using Rick's cure it just got into the meat and cured a bit better.
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My guess would be different cuts of meat as far as the tenderness goes.
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If you are buying the twin paks of loin just remember that you are getting a front end and a back end of the loin.
One end is more marbled w/ fat .The other is allmost no fat after you trim the outter fat off.
You will see a difference in tenderness between the 2 ends.
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I was just about to say I don't know but then eman popped up with the answer you just have to love this place. I have made a couple of CB's and they seamed alright to me but maybe I'll try rick dry cure next time. Thanks eman
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I'm not really sure what the difference in toughness means while it in cure, I really never noticed the difference after it was soaked a little and smoked.
I have massaged tough ones some to fit in tight netting and they seem to loosin up by the time I'm done.
Interesting topic, I hope some pro's respond
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