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Canadian Bacon with Quick Cure

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My question is how long can you keep a Quick Cure rub on pork loin before smoking?

I have a rub on 2 small loins that are vacuume sealed. I put them in the fridge a week ago today. I wont be able to smoke them until either tomorrow or probably Thursday. Will they be ok if I wait that long? I plan to soak them like I have seen on the forum for makin CB.

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If you use the right amount of cure it's not a problem. I assume you mean tenderquick? If thats the case then worse scenario is the pork would be salty. Just make sure you rinse well, and test fry a piece. If its still to salty soak for an hour changing water once at half hour mark. Repeat...

Good Luck ;)
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Funny, I answered just like you. Don't know what happened to the post, but we got ya covered.
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It isn't going to hurt for your loin to sit in the fridge for 24 hours after you rinse it. I would probably let it soak in water overnight and then pull it out, rinse and wrap it up until your ready to smoke it. It may even enhance the flavor. The sugar cure calls for a rest period for cured hams to equilibriate the meat. You'll be ok.
I'm gonna throw this at ya.... 2 small loins vacuum sealed in TQ for 7 days sounds salty to me. I'd for sure do the fry test to make sure.
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LOL Yeah its tenderquick.....

Thanks for the advice. I do plan on soaking and then setting in fridge for pectin....I can let it sit in the fridge open on a rack for 24 hours? That helps the situation.

These damn things called jobs keep messing up my schedule.

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I do 8 hours minimum and 24 shouldn't be a problem. let us know how they come out
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