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One man's misfortune is good for me!

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So a couple of hours ago we had some 60 MPH+ straightline winds blow through my neighborhood. I haven't checked to make sure I've got all my shingles but my neighbor had a 10 year old crabapple tree come out roots and all.

Tomorrow I think I'll head over and offer to help him do a little cutting. And grab myself a couple of armloads of wood.

Anybody have any personal experience with crab apple?
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Isn't crabapple just another variety of Apple?
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Hey dude. I seen that line of storms that came thru your area a few hours ago. Nothing but black skies to our South.

We had the bad winds last week. Trees down everywhere and all you have to do is offer to cut up the oak trees and take them away.
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Just as good as apple.
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Same storm came through here. Nasty, trees down, power lines down. Real strong storm.
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Thats my experience.I have one at garden that i trimmed a branch and it was just like the orchard apple i use.
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Cool. Thanks guys.

It was a pretty wicked storm. We didn't see the hail in my area but I saw this on one of the local TV station's website this morning.
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never thought I'd be jealous of someone in a storm. BOUNTY! PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Wow, I'm sure glad that one went north of me!!!! Nasty!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Your In the apple Your in the apple Your in the apple
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Nothing better than free wood.
Congrats on the score Dude, hope all your shingles are still intact.
Checked out the video you posted, damn that was crazy!
Guess I should consider myself lucky we usually don't get hail in Jersey, but hurricane season has started...
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