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Not trying to be rude, but really what it says, IMHO, Norton didn't catch it, or it would have told you the virus was there and was stopped. Check Norton's logs if it detected the virus it will report detected and action taken. OR, AVAST had a false positive, which happens too.

The site link http://pmaconcessions.com/index.html is not the culprit, apparently an ad or a piece of content that is used in a Iframe is the one with the trojan.
If you think this is harmless, think again, your browser could be hijacked for a long period of time, by taking you to sites that you were not even clicking on. Who knows how harmless or how devious this particular trojan is. For 6 months I had to endure a Trojan that was hijacking my browser, using google searches. Every other time I entered a search and clicked on a link I would be taken to a totally different site. Avast couldn't detect it, nor could Superantispyware, or several online virus/trojan detectors. I subscribe to Superantispyware, human anaylsis and they couldn't figure it out either. Finally both Avast and Superantispyware caught it and now I have no problem.

Here is a Recent comparative Rating of most popular AV software
I came across this when reading a user comments on different AV software, there are dozens of sites rating AV software and whoever paid them the most money will be ranked first. IMHO McAfee and Norton are big resource hogs and do only a fair job compared to several other AV Free software programs available. Norton and McAfee do a good job on an enterprise level where they get the big bucks, but personal level protection for home PCs they both have been ranked fairly low in a lot of independant studies over the years. What you really want is Real Time protection, you don't want to turn your PC off and then when rebooting you are warned, it could be too late then.

Again the purpose of even mentioning all this, is to help anyone struggling with Virus/trojan issues. If your happy with the security software you are using then ignore the above.
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BBQ trailer

Top of the morning to you Thomas. Yes I am from the Rez Curve Lake First Nation. It really is a small world. I am going to put the smoker in the screened in area is about 7ft 6 inches wide by 9 ft long. The end with the siding on it is about 13 ft long.
On the lower part that has the plywood skirt on I am going to put black aluminum with Painted or decal flames on the aluminum. I will be cutting the area out by the tires and fitting the aluminum to fit so it looks like it should. I will however have to frame the inside around the tires but it will be covered by counters anyhow.
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Your build and mine

Hello Smoksignlr,
I've been up to your part of the country there and it sure is beautiful. I would like to get up that way again some day for sure! I like the idea of putting the smoker on the trailer in a screened in area as the smell of the smoke sure makes people hungry and they can't resist coming on by! That’s what I will do when I build mine. I will also put the screened in area on the back of the trailer as that will be where most of the weight will be. There is a barbecue concession trailer not far from me and he built it just like you are doing. I'm going over there to take some photos of it on the inside and out.

Right now I have all my 4 propane tanks back home with me since I had to let go of the builder I had. He didn't want to build it the way I wanted. Plus he had the job for two months and maybe put in one hour of work on the tanks. So right now I have my 300, 250, 150 gallon tanks in the garage and the 500 gallon tank is on flat trailer I use to hold my lawn mower on. At this time I don’t know if I should get another welder to do the work or just invest in some good tools from Northern Equipment.

Things for my build are on a standstill for now or just moving slowly. I know with what I have I will need to build a larger trailer and since I have to build one I thought I might as well have the whole trailer covered. So I looking at building one my own like you did using the frame of a used camper trailer. Can’t find any yet. Must say I haven’t been looking real hard as I know that I will need a good truck to pull this build when it’s done.

So I’ve been looking at getting a new truck. Just haven’t found one that I like yet and might have to wait till the 2010’s come out. Now some of you may be wondering why my build is taking so long to get finished. I will try to explain and it may be long. In the end I hope you understand.

The last thing that has been taking a lot of my time. I think some of you know that I’m a care giver for my 87 year old Mother and have been for the last 10 years. She has gotten worst in the past two years after falling down several times. She now can never walk, even after having hip surgery a year ago. I have to be with her at all times. When I’m away in a different part of the house she will try to walk. It’s hard for her to give up. She falls down just has soon as she’s up. Like a tree in a forest. I have to hold her and place her on and off the wheel chair to take her to the places she needs to go. It’s very time consuming and right now more important then my build. As of now she is having the help of Hospice come in for her and me too to give me a break. For the past week she has been in the Hospice House here in Citrus County Florida and they tell me it’s just a matter of time. Maybe six months. I would never trade in the experience of helping her if I had to do it over. I would do it all over again. So I’m asking for you all here for a Prayer Request during her transition in crossing over. I could use some good prayers myself as it has been awfully hard to face up she is going but will be better off without the pain.

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Your build

Hey man your are doing a very honorable thing. Quick story about the Pipe. One of the most basic traditional teachings of the pipe ("peace" if you will) is that when you smoke it that smoke connects you or takes your thoughts and prayers to the spirit world. With good intent it connects you through your thoughts and prayers to all past and present. Intent is important. So my thoughts are the same can apply to my smoker (hence the name smoksignlr). So as I fire up the smoker this weekend that thin blue smoke and my thoughts and prayers will go out to you and your mother. Peace. Smoksignlr.
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