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new health plan scary

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All I can say is, "God Help us if it Passes"...
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As a small bussinessman (me and 3 guys) if this and the cap and trade (stupid bill about global warming) some how get passed I will be forced out of bussiness so please tell yous statesmen not to pass it or I will plain and simply not vote for you again.
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I've written to mine quite a few times about both of what you mention, also about some of the stupid gun bills they want to pass. More people should start doing it. icon_mad.gif
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pretty well covers it.

kinda says it all don't it ? Hemi..
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I received this from a friend and thought it appropriate for this thread. LOL PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Why would you be forced out of business if a health care bill and a global warming bill get passed? That just doesn't make sense to me
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