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Exchange with BBQ Engineer

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A big hooah! and thanks to BBQ ENGINEER and Mrs ENGINEER for the exchange we just made. Excellent sauce, rub and goods from them and much appreciated over here in Rivet-land, not to mention the unexpected-surprise goodies which the kids certainly enjoyed too!

During the previous exchange program it was neat to throw in a couple unexpected items in the box so the recipient got a nice surprise, and it worked both ways.

That idea is still going on today and is a great reflection on the good people that belong to the SMF.

Big thanks to BBQ ENGINEER and Mrs ENGINEER (she was involved) for the exchanged package- I was really impressed with the high quality packing.... wow~ he is an engineer biggrin.gif

Here's a pic of what I got today via Fedex....

Good stuff, and we're lookin' forward to the sause on the brisket this weekend!
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Looks good
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I got home from work, and was like a little kid at christmas time opening my package from Rivet...Check out my new stuff....

I immediately dug into the habanero sauce on some Doritos...Yup, it has a bit of spice in it...but a lot of flavor too. It was awesome. I use the dried chilies anytime I make spicy dishes like chili, or Enchiladas (love to use them to make my own sauce!) thank you, thank you, thank you! Next, I concentrated on the BBQ sauce...I happened to have some pulled pork in the freezer, in a food saver bag. I reheated it gently in hot water and had some pulled pork sammies with Curley's sauce. I started with the smokey (the habanero picante was still lingering with me!), and it is smoky and tangy was delicious. After that, I had a pile of pork with the hot and wasn't too spicy, but it will gently build on ya. Both are winners. Oh, and I also downed a couple of the new "old recipe" Schlitz beers...not bad!

Thanks to Rivet for putting together such a cool trade. It is fun getting to try something that you normally wouldn't, especially when you know the other person truly enjoys sharing something that they are passionate about. Rivet, please thank Mrs. Rivet too!
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Cool exchange
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Awesome, let the exchanges begin...
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My wife brought me back some Rudy's sauce and rub from her recent trip to Austin. Haven't tried it yet but sounds like it will be good.
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Have I mentioned how jealous of the exchange program I am??? I just wish I had things special in my neck of the woods to offer...

Im sure something will come to mind.
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You would be surprised at how many things you would have locally but can't get a hold of anywhere.

Looks like a great exchange guys, from experience I know that Curley's is GREAT BBQ sauce.

BigTrain, look at some of your local sauces or spices, some you may not even think were made locally but will say on the bottle.
Even things such as certain spices and such.
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I would be willing to bet that you have many things on the east coast that those of us in the center of the continent do not have access to. Probably everything from regional beers to sauces and much, much more.
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Hey BBQ, thanks for the Rudy's sauce! Used it on the kid's brisket yesterday and I'm tellin ya that Curley's Hot & Spicy flavor has some serious competition!

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