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Poblano abts

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Made some poblano abts on the UDS. (Kroger was out of Jalapenos)

Here is the setup.

Smoked with hickory for about 2 hours at 250 degrees.

These were really good, barely any heat at all. I would recommend them to people who cant handle the heat of a jalapeno.

Thanks for looking!
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They look great.
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Those look great. I'm not a fan of heat so I think I'd dig these. I'm a fan of Chilie rellanos (sp).
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Hey... I just smoked some ABT's last weekend and the conversation came up... Would this work with Poblano's? I said I'm sure it would but let me see if I can find out if anyone else has tried it. And here you are with great pics and positive results. I'll do this with my next smoke!! Great job.
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I have used poblanos, anaheims, and of course jalapenos with success, Soon I will try habaneros.
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I did some fresh banana peppers out of the garden. They were excellent!
The Pablanozzz look Shweeeeeeeet! Have to give them a try.
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There will be some serious heat generated with the habaneros! Proceed carefully...
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Those look mighty good and the wife cann't really handle the japs. I have to give it to hers she tries, she eat one and waits and alittle later she'll eat another.
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Excellent looking poblanos, and good choice on the sausage~best around!
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Make sure to include pictures of before you eat the habaneros and after you eat the habaneros! PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif lol

I like habanero's for the flavor, but no way now how am I crazy enough to put a whole one in my mouth - hats of to those that can... lol.
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I need to find the pics of my brother eating one after we made some ABT's.

He lost feeling in his mouth, his nose was like someone turned on a hose.

And all we could do is laugh!!
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