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chisoxjim's cucumber salad w/ qview

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Ok, so I saw on this thread
a great recipie for jim's cucumber salad. So here's my take on it. The only thing I did different was the wife couldn't find fresh dill at the store so she bought it in a tube. Never tried it before, but it was fine.

Here's the recipie off of chisoxjim's thread.
Cucumber salad:

wet ingredients:
4 cloves of garlic - minced
7 pieces of dill taken off the stem, and chopped
1/4 cup cider vinegar
2 tsp sugar
black pepper & kosher salt to taste
1 cup sour cream
6 tbsp Kraft mayo

mixed this, and set it aside

sliced 3 cucumbers thin(picked at a local farm Saturday)
sliced 2 small onions thin(picked at a local farm Saturday)
sliced the green tops of the onions(picked at a local farm Saturday)

combined the above with the wet, and refrigerated for a few hours.

Here's my photos...

and the wife. Not only did I get her to chop the veggies, but I also snapped a photo of her doing it without her shoving the camera up my nether regions. It's my birthday today, so she has to be nice to me.

Here it is all mixed up.

I just did a small taste. I think the combo of the sour cream and the vinegar is a bit much for me. I'll let it sit for a while and maybe add a little more sugar befor dinner.

Hope you all enjoy this recipie. Thanks chisoxjim!
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Very nice, man. Love cukes!
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Very nice there dude even got the wife to cut things up you the Man. Well happy Birthday and enjoy your cucumber salad.
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Happy birthday dude, glad to hear your nether regions are still intact. lol...That would suck, especially on your birthday.
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the vinegar mellows out after it sits, and the sugar kicks in. I findi it tasted like a deconstructed gyos sauce.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes. I appreciate that.

Jim, you were right, I'm glad I didn't mess with it. It did mellow out considerably and was very good just as your recipie called for. I won't change a thing. Kudos to you on a great recipie. Thank you for posting this.
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glad to share.

looks like you took the skin off the cucumber.. nice touch.
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Yes she did. We like them better that way. But know lots of people who don't. We just use a potato peeler. It slides right off.
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