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Baked beans from scratch.

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I am making Dutch’s Beans from scratch. I start with 1 kilo ( about 2 pounds ) of white navy beans.
Softened and plumped up that makes a heck of a lot of beans. That sink is regular size.

Bring to a boil then simmered for 2 hours to soften the beans.

Fry Onions

Chop the Red Pepper

Add the stuff

Recipe called for 6 strips of bacon so I figured 2 pounds would be enough.
(you cannot have to much bacon)

Added the rest of the stuff

They are now in the smoker at 250f for 5 hours. That’s what I used for time last time I did them and they were great.

Now I have to run to the store and get the pineapple chunks that I forgot to get when I went for the beans.
I add them in along with their juice.
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Now that's going to be a heap-o-beans!

Looking forward to the finished results!!!
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oh yea dutchs beans with plenty ta go round keep us posted PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Like dutch said thats a mess of beans. They sure should make dutch proud.
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This Half I smoked for 4 hours in Mesquite then Finished in this roaster to free up space in my smoker for some ribs.

The other ½ of the beans I did in the oven after only 1 hour in apple wood smoke. My wife and sisters in law ( 9 of them…. I know, I know I should get a medal for endurance ) don’t like too much smoke.
I told them I don’t make smokeless beans.

Confession time..... I went to the store and got the pineapple I forgot. They were on sale for 5 for $5.00 a bargain. So I got 2 cans of chopped for the beans and the last 3 cans sliced for pizza. As soon as I got home I opened two cans to toss in the beans. You guessed it , I opened two cans of the sliced. What can I say icon_redface.gif
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Lotta Good Eats There. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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GnuBee, you cook like I do~ LOTS at a time....makes for great leftovers PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

Super looking beans and double plus for you for making 'em from dried-scratch..the way all good beans should be done!

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We fed 46 people with those beans. Turns out that was a 2 kilo bag of beans instead of a one kilo bag of beans. Someone wrote 2# on the bag of dried beans. 2 pounds is roughly 1 kilo. However it should have read 2 kilos which is 4 pounds of beans, twice as much as I needed for my recipe. So I just doubled everything else. A good thing to because there is not much left over. Sure was Yummy.
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Great post GnuBee.
points.giffor doing it from scratch!
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Those look awesome.

I second those points.giffor doing it from scratch.
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Great job on those beansPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Fed 46 people....that party must have been a gas!!!!
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I'm only one guy, so if I make a big batch of beans like this, how can I preserve the leftovers? Do they freeze well? Could I can them in pint or quart jars?
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