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Freezing pulled pork???

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I'll be taking a trip soon. While the place is a Cathedral Of 'Cue (western NC) and I'll be sampling the local fare, I want some of my own 'cue, too. And the wife will kill me if I try to bring the GOSM in the family truckster. But imagine the cool smell we'd have on the trip. Mmmmmmm.

Anywy, the question is: Has anyone ever tried freezing pulled pork for later and, if so, how did it go? I assume the best wat to freeze is without sauce.
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Take your RIG. Come on.

Freezing PP does great. Add any finishing sauce after you re-heat with apple juice.

Search for 're-heat pulled pork' and you will get lots of info.
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I actually like pulled pork better after freezing I think. Smoke it and pull it then vacuum seal it and add the juice or sauce when you go to reheat it
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If freeze in vacume bags, you can reheat them in boiling water. Keeps the moisture and locks in flavor.
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Do it all the time. Just put in vac bags an then freeze. When yall need some a large pan put onta boil, after it's boilin, turn down a bit, add the bags so they ain't touchin bottom an warm to over 140°. Add a bit a finishin sauce an ya got fine eatin.
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I have a big 'ol bag full of pp I am getting ready to vacuum seal and freeze right now.
No worries, it will reheat just as good as the day you made it if not better.
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