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Cool way to peel a potato

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I thought this was cool and a fast easy way to peel potatoes. Plus I was always a Mary Ann fan not Ginger.
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How friggin cool is that!! Not only does that work for potatoes, but also for tomatoes, and peaches. I never would've thought to use that on potatoes ... super cool!
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pretty sure that in the 15+ minutes (don't forget the time it takes to bring the water to boil), I could peel a LOT of potatoes the old fashioned way.
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How about the Idaho accent.....
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True, but if you're a one-man show and looking to trim some time on your processes, that's not a bad way to do it biggrin.gif
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what else does she apeel

Being originally from Idaho (the state in question) I NEVER knew that she was from there, I did know that the first nuclear reactor used to power homes is there... and the TV was invented there.. but not mary ann... WOW MY hats off to you good find..
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifJust used this method over the weekend to make some tater salad and one advantage is that you are also quick chilling the potatoes and they will be firmer in the salad - worked very well with lots of ice
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