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First Sausage with Pics

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Breakfast Sausage With Pics

Well since I got up at 6 am I decided to go ahead and jump into the breakfast sausage I had planned and use the new grinder. The grinder is a Cuisin Pro 1800.

The sausage turned out very well and I was pleased for the first attempt. The fry test tasted good but a bit mild for our taste. I chilled the sausage down quickly in the freezer and moved to the fridge to ripen a bit. We will do a second fry test this evening before packaging after it ripens. I will adjust the recipe to our liking at that time.

The grinder functioned flawlessly and powered through the partially frozen pork as fast as I could feed it with no bog downs on low speed. I never ran it on high speed the whole process. Clean up was simple and I soon learned to use a bottle brush and pipe cleaner for the head and plates. Pics are below.

The Assembly Line:

Meat prep:

The First Grind with coarse plate: Spices mixed in at this point with ice water.

The Second Grind with fine plate:

The fry test:

Overall it went smooth and I learned some basics. Onward to a stuffed casing with the next effort. I will either do an Italian or Andouille next.
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Nice! Glad you like the new grinder. Looking forward to hearing the results of the fry test after you've adjusted the spice amounts.
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Thanks for the views Rick. Looks like that grinder will be a good investment. How many pounds was the butt? PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats Rick looks like a great first run!! Sounds like that grinder is gonna work great
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I cut the butt up mostly frozen and reserved all but five lbs for this first run to keep it simple. I will throw the bone in section of the but on the pit tomorrow for supper.
No waste no want!
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Now it's time to shop for a meat mixer! You've got the habit now.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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looks great rick-glad u ventured in-you gonna have fun.
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Looks great! Welcome yet another addicting hobbie!! icon_smile.gif

Nice work!

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Looks great!

Looks great! I sure would like to be there to sample some! I have to get back into making my sausage too. I had a commercial meat grinder made by Hobart. Worked great for me. Till the ex wife sold it on me with the meat saws, butcher block table and wrapping staion w/ hotplate on one her's garage sales while I was at work. Boy that was a bad day!
Anyway its good to start off fresh!

Thomas biggrin.gif
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