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Wild Cherry

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Hi: Yesterday a very large limb fell out of a wild cherry tree on my property. It was still live just to heavy I guess. I've heard that cherry wood is good for smoking but not sure about wild cherry. Thanks for any help & suggestions. Chapy
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Cut it up and let it season its all good
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Use that baby up. I use it all the time mixed with oak and have great results. I love the smell of cherry wood burning in the smoker.
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Have a TON (well not quite that much) of wild cherry seasoning in the backyard that we just cut down a few months ago.
Great wood for smoking poultry and pork.
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Chop it up and let it dry out then smoke it up. I use it all the time. Good Smoking.
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Nice score. I got some seasoning out back as well. Keep it dry and let the air at it and it should season up nice and quick.
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Cherry Smoke

Cherry is probably my favorite wood to smoke with, nice taste not to harsh. A branch is a good size. I normally cut pieces about 1 to 2 inches thick, looks like a disk. Then I can quarter or eighth the disk with a hatchet, or if there small enough in diameter I’ll use it whole. Normally I prefer to smoke roasts like London Broil. Good luck with the Cherry Smoke.
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Thanks to all for your replys. The wood is cut & put up to dry
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