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First Beef jerky On The MES W/Qview

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Well yesterday all I thought about was trying to slice some jerky on my new slicer. I called my butcher buddy and it was his day off.PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif I went to Sams' and found this and snapped it up.

Not a bad price.

I forgot to take pics of the slicing but it went well, I cut it accross the grain about 3/16'. I got out my Yoshida's soy, 1 cup, a heavy dose of granualted garlic and lemon pepper, and added 2 1/2 tbs of Tender Quick. I could have went 4 1/4 but didn't want a salt over load. After about 3 hours here they are draining. I did a fry pan test and the salt was OK.

I set the MES at 150' since it runs anywhere 10' - 20' hotter. I smoked with hickory for about 5 hours with no water in the pan and the door cracked about 1/2' for circulation. At that point I set the temp down to 125' and went to bed. This is what I got this AM. It is bendable, still chewy and good.

When I asked Carol if she tried any when I got home, she said "Yes, it is great"

That made me a happy camper and gave me yet another use for my new slicer. I got a little over 1 1/2 pounds after trimming and dehydrating. Surprisingly it wasn't that smokey after 5 hours, hmm, but still good. It is addicting to say the least.

Next time I will try and score an eye of the round and wont have to trim the sinue out of the middle, that was annoying.

Good luck if you try it.
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Please bag that up and send it north. Thanks Ron!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I told Carol what you said and she she said no way Jose!
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Man that looks great!
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Nice jerky Ron. I just finished the last of my first attempt. Ready for round 2
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Looks good Ron! Another thing on my to do list.
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