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Opinions on a couple grinders please

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I have been wanting a grinder for a while. I think I am finally gonna get around to getting one soon. I have looked a little online but I have a Cabela's about 5 minutes from my house so I have checked theirs out the most. I don't need anything big or fancy, I will probably only be doing 5-10 pounds at a time. Does anyone have experience with either of these grinders? Or any other places I should be looking?

I think Slanted88 has this one but there isn't one on display in the store for me to look at

This one looks pretty solid in the store and is still within the price I would be willing to spend

Any insight you guys have as far as capabilites of these units would be appreciated
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I really can't help you as I haven't gotten to try the Cabela's grinders but have heard alot of good comments about them. I have an LEM and they are good but in my opinion over priced anymore
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I have this one And it works well for smaller batches. Did 25lbs at once with it and worked great. Just dont try to stuff with it. It will do it but sucks.
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Cabelas Grinder

I have the cabela's pro model that you linked to as my second small grinder. It works well for something that size. I have the 1 hp cabela's model as my main grinder and couldn't be happier with it. If you are going to be butchering anything I would go for at least the 3/4 hp model If you are just making 5 lbs of sausage the pro model would work for you.
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look at the cabela's site they have refurbished grinders, the 3/4 hp one is $299. a pretty good price.
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Thanks for the info guys, I was leaning toward the Cabela's Pro. But this one came up by a serious sausage maker on another site when I ask the same question.

It is a little less expensive but has a more powerful motor that the Cabela's Pro. I guess I got a little more searching to do.
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I have the exact same model from northern tool. It works great as long as the meat is cut in the right size pieces and even better if partially frozen. I usually do from 15 to 25 lbs. at a time and have had no problems after 5 years. Piker
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Thanks for the feedback Piker. I am definately considering that one too.

Anyone else??
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Buy it! Whatever ya get....the oh baby list will be as long as yer arm!
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I have one of the commercial grade Cabelas grinder. It works great and will grind up meat really quickly. I tried to use it as a stuffer the other day and they didn't turn too bad for a first timer. I was afraid I would get lots of air pockets but it worked well.
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I took the big leap and went with the Cabela's 1 hp. a couple years ago and couldn't be happier with it. Whether I'm grinding 5 lbs. or 50 lbs., it handles it like a champ. Especially like the full size pan, it saves a lot of mess when working with 10lbs. or more. I used the little grinder with the KitchenAid mixer previous to buying the Cabela's and one of the biggest drawbacks was the small pan; you had to keep feeding it product from a dish below plus try to hold casings or plunge or feed with the other hand and I'd have meat all over the counter - not good for cross-contamination or anything else. That was one of the biggest deciding factors going with the 1 hp, I had room to do something. I could dump 15lbs. of seasoned meat chunks into the pan at one time and feed it through without having to juggle more product, and the smaller grinders didn't offer that with their smaller pans. Just depends on what your frustration level peaks out at, lol! (Mine's reeaalll low... I'd rather spend a little more and have time after time happiness doing what I want with the machine I really wanted than to try and justify a few bucks so I could be unhappy doing what I wanted to do). But, that's just me and do what you feel is good for you. If you get the smaller one and you're unhappy with it, I'm sure you can take it back and trade up.

Pops ยงยง
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I have the Northern Tool, and it does a very good job. Lots of power. $93.00 is a great price.

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Anybody hear of STX brand? I was looking on ebay and ran across these.

Or a CuisinPro

The prices seem cheap when looking at the HP ratings and motor power but sometimes you get what you pay for.
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Mine is a little 330 watt, very similar in form and "innards" to the CuisinePro.....I don't remember what I paid for it, but is was around $50...does a standard 6 to 8 lb batch of cubed, partially frozen, deboned boston butt in heartbeat...does a good job. icon_cool.gif
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I just bought the 1800 watt Cuisin Pro unit and will do a review in a couple weeks. Maybe as early as this weekend. I have the unit now and for home use it looks pretty beefy. Will let all know for sure down the road. I will say this that I emailed the company with a ? and recieved reply next day.

Or a CuisinPro

The prices seem cheap when looking at the HP ratings and motor power but sometimes you get what you pay for.[/quote]
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Whatever Grinder you end up with get a foot switch, it is like having another person there to help. I believe the foot switch is essential for making sausage with a grinder or motorized stuffer.
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