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Maiden Voyage On The Bandera

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This will be my 1st smoke on the newly acquired Bandera. Doing up 3 racks of spares, a tri-tip, chicken thighs and some peeled red potatos. Using lump for the heat base, and using red oak. No pics of the spuds. We've all seen pics of peeled spuds, haven't we?

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Looks good so far.
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I can see that I used WAY too much rub on my first rack I did today, cheers for the pictures.
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Most likely not, I pile it on.

Nice looking grub Mikey. Get some pics of the smoker doing it's thing too.
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I wouldnt say that. Mikey just has a soft stomach. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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It really matters how it tastes. If your smoke was good, then the amount of rub was fine..........
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Here ya go, Rick

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Some nice tbs there Mikey........points for you.
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Thanks Rick. This smoker is definately a new learning curve for me. The proof will be in the puddin' (the goodies inside). It's a bit more work, but the fun factor is higher.
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I hear ya on the learning curve Mikey. I went from a uds to an offset. While the uds is super simple and the offset is quite a bit more involved I'm liking the offset more and more every time I use it.

It helps your new smoker is a quality unit too.
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I hear ya on the quality unit. Got it figured out that when the temp drops to 225, throw another log on the fire. Seems to work just fine.
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About the same as the Horizon, nice!
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Congrats on the new smoker Mikey! Nothing like a new toy!
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Thanks Billbo. It's been an interesting day so far, but it's not over yet.
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Nice! Glad to see you're using it. Keep the qview coming. smile.gif
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Mikey, That's looks like a quality built toy you got there. Looking forward to the final views.
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Looks like a good ol' time there, Mikey! Keep 'em coming! You got me thinking about my plans for the 4th, dude....slurp, slurp! Heh-heh!

I'll be looking for the rest of it later.

Thanks for sharing!

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Finally done with everything including todays mess. This has been one incredible day of smoking and the Bandera lived up to it's reputation, and then some. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. So without further adoo, here are the final pics. The chicken thighs & tri-tip. I took the tip to 150 and let it rest. The thighs went to 175.

The tri tip sliced along with a fairly decent smoke ring. I'm impressed!

And the ribs, which were according to the wench "Your best ribs ever".

On the plate & fit for a King. That would be me. It's all about me me me! What a blast doing this smoke. While it was a bit more labor intensive than what I've grown accustomed to, it was a whole ton o fun. I learned a lot about manageing the fire and the little quirks about this smoker. Other Bandera owners along with BSKD owners all say these smokers are fuel hogs. They weren't kidding either. Glad I've got a good source for wood nowbiggrin.gif Thanks for following along and looking at the finished goodies.

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Great Views Mikey..That King Plate Special at the end says it all! Congratulations on a great Smoke on your great Smoker.
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Thanks for the Q-view Mikey. I'm glad to see you're enjoying your new toy.
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