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Big turkey, not big enough smoker

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I'm doing a beercan turkey but found out I'm running into 2 problems. I've already started smoking and once I put the turkey in upright I found out that it's a really tight fit in my smoker. The turkey wings are actually resting on the lid of the smoker, and I'm having a real hard time getting my smoker back up to 300. If I smoke a 14 lb turkey at about 260 is that going to cause any issues, and also how dried is it going to be since it's resting on the lid? 1:30 into it and the wings are already looking like they are cooking faster than the rest.
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260° you will be ok as far as dried out i've never had a turkey on a beer stand dry. i run a water pan also.
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I don't have a verticle smoker so I don't have a water pan, but I'm using a cranberry/capn Morgan spritzer to keep the outside moist.

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I'd foil those wings since they are resting on the lid.

If you brined, you should be good either way. The spritz will make it crispy but won't really get it juicy.
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Foil the pper portions that seem to be cooking too fast and let her roll. Do not open the lid unless you have to, I'd spritz mebbe once an hour and REAL FAST.

Hang in there.....share some q-vue! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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You could take it off the stand and just lay it breast side down. It will still be a great tasting turkey.
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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing
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I foiled the ends and hopefully it turns out all right. I'll post all the good pics once I get done....hopefully it isn't to dry in 2 hours.icon_redface.gif
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kinda scared??!!

I'm cooking a 14 lb turkey at about 250 and that should take about 7 hours to cook. I'm 4 hours into it and everywhere is reading 178-180?? Seems a little quick but I'm pulling it out of the smoker. If I die, well it's nice knowing ya'll.
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That doesn't seem to far off, turkey seems to cook pretty fast for me too. Are you certain it was only 250F.
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Rick's right...check those thermometers...

That does seem about right though. Did you brine the bird before you smoked?
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