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oak, tri tip.

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I bought some oak wood planks for a stair project i have going on and wanted to know if the wood is safe to smoke grill is uncured and i am going to have some left over, wanted to use it for some tri tips.thanks.
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It is my understading that you do not want to use any wood that is not cured. Because it will leave your food with a bad taste.. Am sure there will be some more helping hand come in and can go more in depth..
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I would stay away from it. Take a read here.
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I will prolly get barked at for this, but, I see no reason you couldn't use the leftover wood for smoking as long as it is unfinished oak planks.

Only thing I would say to be careful about is flare-ups since board lumber is typically dryer than wood you have cured yourself.

If you happen to have any, add some cherry or apple to the oak for your smoke...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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If it is unfinished and no additives, use it. I also agree to add some cherry wood to it, the two make for a nice combo.
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If the wood has NOT been treated, that means it was not kiln dries and there's no chemicals in iot; but ask the people you got it from if they are SURE it is not cured!!!!!icon_redface.gif

Just my two cents worth.
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