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first time on the smoker should I spray?

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I am going to smoke my first set of ribs should I spray them as they cook and if so should it be just apple juice or something else?
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Some people spray, some don't. For your first time I would suggest you spray. Next time don't and see which way you like better. A lot of people use a mix of apple juice and rum to spray with. Straight apple juice would work fine also.
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If you have more than one rack, spray one & not the other(s). If you only have one, you could (gasp) cut it in half & only spray one half.
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I used to spray the ribs I smoked, but have gone away from it lately, I didnt like opening the smoker, and I prefer the bark I get on the ribs now.

When I did spray, I used apple juice, or cranberry juice, some olive oil, and sometimes some rum, Jack, or Jim Beam.
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Ok sounds good I got a large rack of spare ribs and a rack of baby back ribs. Will the babyback good faster I have read different things. I am trying to prove my wife wrong and not screw this up.
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The BB's will finish before the spares. Are you going to foil them or leave then al natural?
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Have fun on the Smoke...You're getting a lot of good responses here. Post pictures when you can.
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I was going to leave them natural do you suggest foil and how long would you say the baby backs will take to cook?
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If you want to "impress" the wife (and keep it on the safe side) use the 3-2-1 method. 3 hours unwrapped, 2 hours wrapped with a sprinkel of apple juice, 1 hour unwrapped to firm them back up. It produces fall off the bone tender ribs and is a very foregiving method icon_mrgreen.gif.
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This will help you with foiling times etc. BB's and spares run different as is explained here.

I have also done countless racks with no foil and they are great too. About 4hrs @ 225° for those or until done.
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i've gotten to the point where i only spray if i am already fiddling around (putting in wood, turning meat etc.); having said that, i do beleive it is a necessary step.

whatever you do, don't spray until 2 hours into the smoke or you will spray your rub off.

i would also suggest adding a little bit of some kind of oil to the spray. it doesn't ahve to be much - i add about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of olive oil to 2 cups of mop and have had no problems. i've also used melted butter with a little olive oil to help emulsify it into the mop and keep from clumping.
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