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Round 2- Smoke Vault- Spares, ABTs, Salami- Q-view

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This is my second day smoking with my new baby. I decided to change it up a bit from yesterday's plan.

My wife wanted ABTs, and my oldest daughter was willing to make a couple batches,'s menu plan is: spares, salami, ABTs, sticky buns and seasoned/foiled cob-corn, EDIT: and coleslaw.

I thawed 2 slabs of spares in a water bath overnight, and, I had a cured salami thawed and waiting for an opportunity to partake of the thin blue as well.

I'm just now getting caught up with posting, as I've spent the last several hours prepping meat, tending smoke, and cleaning my other smoker racks and accessory smoke racks....wheew!!! I gotta do this more often so it doesn't take so long.

So, here goes...smoke of the day is Mesquite.

First out of the smoke was the spicy beef salami.

This is the 1st hour @ 225*:

And after 2-1/2 hours...going nice and slow on the lowest smoker rack:

Pulled at 155*:

I patted off the rendered fat with napkins for a quick chill in the freezer. Sliced pics on this later.

Now, for my daughter's homemade sticky buns, fresh from the "O"....wink.gif

And then, we have my daughter's second time making ABTs. This is batch #1:

The second batch will be ready an hour or so before the spares come out.

Spares, Salami and ABTs smokin':

Mild(er) rubbed spares:

Hot(ter) rubbed spares along with some hot rubbed candy for the chef icon_biggrin.gif:

Lets see here...just rechecked my photo folder for today...I think that'll do for now.

The foiled corn will be the next item added to the racks.

I have found with more temp checks this morning that the left hand side of the cook chamber runs hotter...cause is unkown at this point. I'll look for possible causes as I continue using this rig. I did find that the smoke and water pans must be positioned accurately or it can cause cold/hot spots from front to rear.

With the full slabs of spares, I put the thickest portion on the left to get a higher rack temp. This should allow for more even cooking.

I'll bring on some more Q-view as things progress closer towards the finale.

Thanks for lookin' at my Q!

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Yum Yum

Well that all looks good thanks for the qview
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You're giving that new smoker a workout. Way to go. Everything looks great.
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Eric, once again you're really doin' it up right! Very impressive! After you get the bugs worked out of that Smoke Vault, you could do a review as to how it performs and your likes & dislikes. I'm sure that folks who are considering a new smoker would be interested.
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Yeah, I gotta put 'er to work so she can earn her space in my outdoor kitchen!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

That's a great idea, Mikey! I was starting a log of things I've found so's & don'ts, etc. That would be a really good way to get the word out on what can be done to correct certain's I know so far anyway.

Thanks, Mikey!

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Corn is in and ribs are starting to pull back just a little, so things are cruisin' along nicely!

Wrapped cobs with the foil seams up to control leakage:

Back to a nearly full load again icon_biggrin.gif:


Hot Rubbed Candy:


So far, so good! Rack temp issues really aren't an issue with the spares...heaviest end over the hot side of the chamber is working out fine.

I still will look for the cause of this though...I don't want it to be a permanent thing if I'm smoking up alot of food that requires even rack temps all the way accross.

Back later with the rest!

Thanks again, Guys!

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Pull-back & Bend-test, foiled-up, 2nd set of ABTs out

Pull-back on the large end:

Pull-back on the small end:

End-lift bend-test:

Center-lift bend-test:

Panned and tented with 2oz OJ: for a 275* brase:

Marked the Hot spares so I don't get any repricusions:

Mild rubbed have more sag with the center-lift bend test:

Pull back on mild spares is reasonable, so into the pan as well:

And, the second batch of ABTs is out and dispersing rather quickly:

It's just about time to pull the spares and set up the bark just a bit.

So far, I'm running a 4.5-1.0-(0.5 is next). These are 5+ lb slabs, so a little slow, and they're not trimmed back at all. Just the flap is gone.

Back with final pics later...Thanks!

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Dang....After all Ive cooked I still want one of your ribs.............
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Looking great, as usual Eric! You've been very busy lately putting on some awesome looking smokes. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Easy there pardner......We're not to the finale yet! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks, Dawn! Yeah, I've been having a blast with outdoor cooking the past couple months. This new smoker really gives me some ambition, too!

I started getting the creative juices flowing again, and, man, I just can't stop!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! icon_biggrin.gifwink.gif

It's only day 2 with this new rig, and I love it!!!!

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Nice feast Eric!! Wow!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice pics, damn, just made me wanna go get some ribs and smoke em for breakfast.
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The finale is here...WOW this is good stuff!!!!!!!!

The mild rubbed finished:

And the Hot rubbed on top:

With 12-1/2 ears of corn in a 6-pack:

Check out the smoke ring........BABY-BABY-BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

And my plate:

And another fine and very successful day in the thin blue has drawn to a close. Man, that was fun...and good eating!

Thanks to Everyone for having a look and sharing your thoughtful comments.

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Is it over now?????? I was about to go to bed but now Ive got to go get something to eatPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif......Those look great!!
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How are you taking your temperature checks across the racks? I will be looking forward to your findings. I hope you'll be able to post them as a reference for all Smoke Vault owners and perspective owners. AS usual you got your great instructional views going on. Take Care.
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Thanks OPD! Yeah, I like to toss everything I'm doing that day out for anyone who's looking for tips or ideas. It makes for alot of pics, but I've learned how to get the valuable shots worked into my methods and process so I don't take much extra time while doing the work. I especially like to show anything out of the ordinary that might happen to others, and what I did to overcome any problems that cropped up to bite me in the hind-quarters.

I have a total of 10 (ten) oven rack thems, plus 2 digis, and 4 long stem & 3 short stem fryer therms (if I really get serious about temps, I'm covered).

I put out a good array of therms accross the racks and let it run for 15-20 minutes so temps get stable...then get out the digicam and snap a few shots when I pop the door open...dump to puter and review for analysis. Works pretty well.

I do plan on posting a thread in the propane smoker forum for the Smoke just makes sense to keep track of my findings and pass it on to others.

I do see the possibility of a mod for correcting the rack temp issues and I'll post everything about that as well. I already got my wheels turning this evening and have an idea where to start, so as soon as I get a chance to put this together, I'll get it out to everyone here.

Looking forward to getting this going.

Have a great night, OPD, and good smokes to ya, my friend!

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It's nice to see a full smoker! Thanks for the pics.
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