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Jeff's Rub and Sauce

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I was wanting to know how many people recommends Jeff's Rub and sauce? Dose it have a good taste? I have thought about it for a few days now but I thought I would ask for some input first. Plus by buying it I know some of the money goes to keeping this great web site up. So I do not think I could go wrong ether way.. Thanks for any info..
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Both are very good, and worth it! Before I bought them I figured I couldn't go wrong, with the money going to a good cause, or even getting it back if I wanted.
aka Rocky
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Both are very good. I adjusted the heat on the sauce just a tad because of a wimpy daughter-in-law, but I use the rub as is. Don't hesitate to purchase the recipes.
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They are very good and worth every penny
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You won't go wrong by buying the recipes. They both are very good and compliment pork very nicely.
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As a relative newbie still, I bought both a year or so ago. While you'll eventually figure out your own rub and sauce, I find that Jeff's rub and sauce get you over the hump so to speak.

They get you over the hump by allowing you to concentrate on the actual smoking process instead of being overwhelmed by the trial and error of building a rub and a sauce. This gets you comfortable with the rest of the process which, for me at least, was key.

Concentrating on getting my prep, cooking and resting process down without worrying about what the rub and the sauce is going to taste like when things are done has definitely made me better. When you know the sauce and rub are "on point", you just have to cook it low and slow.

It's worth the money in my opinion.
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What Indy said. I don't you his rub that much anymore, but I used a modified version of his sauce frequently.
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I just recieved the recipes and like what was said above I find I can pay more attention to the low and slow not worry about the trial and error as it has already been done. Plus as a bonus you support this great sight which in the past month has helped me a great deal.
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Yes, what Indy and Dennis said. The rub and sauce are good too.
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Also remember if you dont like it he will refund your money.
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Good point, but from my experience with the stuff, you won't need to request the refund. icon_lol.gif
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The rub is very well balanced. It is exceptional if you blacken the rub.

I haven't tried the sauce as the meat is juicy enough for me not to need saucing.
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