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spicy chiken

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So the brain gears have been in motion and this is my latest

Cream cheese, boneless skinless breasts and franks hot sauce

oh and some more cheese

before it went into the smoker.



Yeah, I got lazy, didnt have a bacon and didnt feel like making another run to the store just for that sooo it didnt get any

But it was a huge hit, everyone at my party went nuts over it and we drank all of my beer tongue.gif

Temp of smoker was 275 and this one took about 2.5 hrs to hit 175 due to the mass of the chicken inside vs a filler.
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Great Idea! I am doing this tomorrow.
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ummm ... holy friggin WOW!!! Very neat idea and quite a nice slice! Points for a different twist on the fatty!
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First the kegerator now a hot wing chicken fattie.. my hats off to you and I bet your parties rock!! keep on making good food and beer!!!

I now have two fatties I need to make!

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that looks awesome!!!
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Points for that one!
Looks absolutely delicious, great job!
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absolously awesome dude. Now thats a great idea for a fattie. Definnally Points I was worried about the raw chicken but you pulled it off.
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Thanks for all the support guys. Ill get back to the cooking and brewing.
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