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lol welcome rod - good luck with the poaching, though not necessarily a good idea to announce this kind of thing on the internet lol You never know who's reading ;-)

A good site to buy a lot of the kit from in the uk is:
It's where I get my cure salt from and they have a decent selection of other stuff as well (and before anyone asks - I've never used commercial sausage seasonings or flavourings so have no idea what they are like :-)

Anyway good luck with your smoking and feel free to pm me if you've got any uk centric questions :-)
Over the last year I've worked up quite a good american to english lexicon of bbqing and smoking terms ;-)

My favourite meat based misleading term to date is:
country style ribs.
These are pork shoulder steaks - not a rib and available in most british supermarkets - it's what i make most of my sausage out of these days :-)

Anyway good luck and look forward to your first smoked haggis :-)
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Welcome Rod, I see we have a few things in common. I live in Edinburgh & Wigtownshire; one of my forefathers was involved in the setting up of the Celtic and I hang about Loch Lomand most weekends.

I got my hands on an offset smoker about 6 weeks ago, MaKro were selling them for £50. Not many smokers sold on our side of the pond and I suspect that if thay look the same, they come of the same assembly line.

I spotted ribs in one of the supermarkets last week; it was ether ASDA or Morrison’s, the cuts are around and not totally impossible to find. Wood chips can be a problem but ASDA occasionally has some in, we also have a large Dobbies Garden Centre in Edinburgh which stocks chips.

Good luck with the smoker.
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Cheers Piro, I'll need to get a trip out to Makro in Glasgow to see if they still have the smoker (once I track down a Makro card). Waiting for payday to order the smoker I'd picked out - but if I can nick to Makro and buy it instead of waiting for an internet order that'd suit me.

Re woodchips, my folks live in Dumfriesshire (Sanquhar) and I've got my old man on the lookout for supplies of smoking wood, with any luck I'll not be needing to buy bags of chips very often.
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Found a handy US/UK cooking translator - could come in handy....
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Welcome Rod!
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Welcome aboard.
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A belated welcome to the forum from me Rod! Glad to have you aboard. :)
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