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Anyone making Kabanosy?

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I posted about a month ago re: some beef sticks that I made where they were obviously smeared, the casings didn't adhere well, and apparently not the preferred recipe from Rytek Kutas' book (there's some discrepancy amongst the different editions as to what recipe is found on a particular page, I'm talking about the snack stick recipe, not the kabanosy).

Anyway, I was thinking about picking up 6lbs of butt on my way home tonight and making a small batch of Kabanosy, but I'm a little concerned over the cooking instructions. They sound too hot to me, starting at 140' and finishing at 170', and I think I'm going to end up rendering the fat out of them again. Also, there's no mention of rinsing them with cool water afterwards, and I was thinking of doing that, but I have no idea what that would do since I'm supposed to leave them in a cool moist place for a week afterwards.

Anyone have some advice?


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I have a dozen hanging in my cellar right now. They were smoked last saturday using this recipe for 5 pounds.

5 pounds pork butts
1 3/4 ounces salt
1 teaspoon cure #1
1/2 ounce powdered dextrose
3/8 ounce black pepper
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon caraway seed, ground
1/2 clove garlic
7/8 ounce corn syrup solids

The smoking time and temperatures were....ROUGHLY

After stuffing in sheep casings they were left out to dry for about 2 hours in my cellar. They were then put in a preheated smoker, with smoke on at about 150, I had to keep the door slightly open to maintain this temperature for about 1 hour, after the hour I closed the door and maintained a temp of 200 for 30 minutes. I never shock them in cold water, just hand them in a finished basement, which is not damp, with a temperature of around 55

I'm an old Polak, and have been making these for about 20 years. I DO NOT follow the above to the letter, sometimes I just smoke them at 200

Make 2.5 pounds and see if you like it.
The drying time is to your liking, if you like a dry product let it dry for a week or longer, feel the sausage as its drying, I prefer about 4-5 day dry time.

Good LuckPDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Sounds good, Hank, I might have to buy myself a letter scale or some such though to try your recipe, should probably weigh all my ingredients anyways.
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It doesn't sound like you worry about the high temps melting all the fat out of them and having them get smeary.
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Nope, don't worry at all, you will not loose it all. Mine right now have not lost a drop. Other times I would notice some drops on the floor. Don't worry, experiment, you will do good. If it gets too's not worth the effort. I don't believe in exact, because there is no such thing, there are too many variables.
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Gettin' 'er dun, went out and got a digital postal scale at lunch, measures in 1g or 0.1oz increments....lessee....1 divided by 2.....3 divided by 8......7 divided by

I'll let ya know how it goes.
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I just made some kabanosy. I like it dried, or right out the smoker. I even like it fried (the little bit of meat that you can not stuff). You can not really go wrong with this sausage.
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OK, the deed is done, the last roll of film is in the can, the fat lady has sung, etc. I have 5lbs of sticks hangin from the rafters. I followed Hank's recipe fairly close, the only differences being I added the sald and cure to the cleaned and divided shoulder and put it in the fridge for about a day and a half, and I added some water to facilitate stuffing.

And they wouldn't change color, kind of odd. I figure it was the added water, but I had them in the smoker for 2+ hours @ 190' before I got some color change. Next time I think I'd let them go even longer to get them even darker.

And they're not all smeared. And the casings seem nice and snug, so double yay for me. And, I sampled, and they are super tasty.

Thanks for the tips!
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And, yeah, that last bit that doesn't make it through the stuffer does taste good pan fried, excellent snacking while you wait for the rest.
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I'm glad to hear it all worked out for ya Mark. where's the pic's? :)
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