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Looks like it turned out good. Glad to hear that you keeping positive about the bad stuff and have a good game plan to change it.

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WOOHOOO - very proud of myself - after a limited success, I tried again.....

I'll not bother trying a beer can chicken again - This time I took a chicken, bit of butter under the breast skin, bit of seasoning, and for stuffing, I chucked a lemon & a red onion in the smoker while getting it up to heat, then halfed them and put 1st half the lemon, then half the onion in the cavity of the bird. Long slow cook and the meat was tender, the smoke flavour there & a subtle lemon & onion taste to boot. No worries about the inside not getting to heat with an already hot stuffing and it made all the difference.

The other smoked half lemon was a great ingredient in the vinaigrette salad dressing too, made a nice difference there as well.

I'm a happy fella!!
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