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Smoked Cashews

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This is my second attempt at smoking nuts - used raw cashews this time - some with honey and Yardbird, some with honey and Salt Lick rub. These went for about 2 hours at 230 degrees with a little cherry wood.
I still have pecans and peanuts left - anyone have a favorite recipe they care to share?
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I can't help with a recipe, but how did they taste?
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Pretty dang tasty! I will be doing then again.
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They look really good. smile.gif I haven't done nuts in a long time. Think it's time to correct that.
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How long do you smoke them for?
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that sounds and looks yummo. Good job and yet another thing I want to try
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These went for about 2 hours at 230 degrees.
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Those look great - Got to do some nuts soon!
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We like smoked pecans the best. Soak in a mixture of salt and Molasses. Then put them in a foil pan with holes punched in it. Sprinkle some of Curious Aardvark's rub and smoke with Hickory.

The smoke does set up a little better if you can make them last a couple of days once you are done.
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