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Ehh from Canada

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Hi guys, im from Alberta Canada. I typically do hunting in the fall for elk, moose and deer. I have a Bradley smoker and have been having trouble getting my deer jerky to come out of good. I dont know if this is the place but would anyone have any recomendations on slice thickness, marinades and cook times? I have read some people use their oven after the smoker, I didtn think you would have to do that.

Thanks guys.
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Welcome to the SMF. The folks who do jerky will be ringing in soon with some great advise. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. I have a Bradley but I haven't done jerky in it yet.
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Welcome to SMF Libtech. You will enjoy it here tons of great advice. I am also in Alberta. Vegreville to be exact
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Welcome to the forum. You don't say what it is that is not "good" about your jerky. Is it the texture or taste? Is it too brittle, too much smoke? If you can be more specific, we can help you with more specific answers.
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Oh ok,

So the last batch was quite brittle my assumption is I cut to thin and cooked either too long or to hot.

It also tasted bitter which may have been to much smoke?

I'm always worried I wont smoke/cook it long enought and it will spoil after> I think maybe I have confusion on how long and just what im supposed to use the bradly for. Is it strictly for the smoking process and then you cook or dehyrdate elsewhere or can I do it all in the unit?
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome aboard libtech!
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