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2 chuckies and a brisket

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Had two chuckies that were a little over 3 lbs each and a small brisket flat that was a little over 2 lbs. Rubbed them with Capt. Dan's brisket rub and mixed it with beef broth for the sprayer. Used a mix of hickory and mesquite. Smoking temp was 250.

About half way through.

The vultures were swarming, forgot to take pics before foiling. icon_lol.gif

The finished, sliced brisket

A finished, sliced chuckie

The majority vote was 3 to 4 that we liked chuckies better than briskets. icon_lol.gif
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All looks really good, Dawn. The smoke ring is proof the smoke was good to that grub! icon_lol.gif
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Looks awesome nice job!!
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Did you slice the chuck?
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Both the one chuckie and the brisket were sliced. The other one is cooling and will go in the freezer as is, along with some of the juices.
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I would have sworn that you posted a pic of the sliced chuckiePDT_Armataz_01_03.gif How about a pic of the new grillin' bowl and the details since it's replaced the wok. I might consider it in the combo Brinkmann if it worked okay.

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Lookin' good there, Dawn! Man, everybody's doin' briskies lately. Yet another reason for me to hit the store and make my selection! LOL!

Thanks for sharing, Dawn...I hope my char-grilled Brats will take away the hunger pains I just got.

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Looks good - chuckies are one of our favorites, makes great tacos.
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I'll post it tomorrow in the charcoal smoker thread.
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