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Hi from Beerbelly

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Hello folks, my name is Les-but I go by Beerbelly. Got me a MES a couple of weeks back and got online to find out how to smoke and ended up here. Sure seems to be the right place to learn about smoking meat. I spent a couple of hours the other day reading the posts and really learned a lot. Can't believe how serious you people get about smoking. I am not sure that some of the things you do with a poor old pound of breakfast sauage is even legal here in this area. LOL Haven't made any fatties yet but got stuff today to make some.

I live in northwest New Mexico. When I get time will post some pics. Happy to be here!!!
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welcome, BB - you're gonna love it here!
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you joined us. Wait until you try a fattie. smile.gif
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Beerbelly huh? I resemble that remark! icon_eek.gif

Welcome to the forum from your neighbor in Az. cool.gif
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welcome beerbelly glad to have ya-and smoking fatties here IS leagle
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Welcome to SMF congrats on the new smoker. You will find lots of good stuff here. Bet that first fatty won't be your last biggrin.gif
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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new smoker. You're in for a lifetime of smoked bliss!
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Welcome aboard Beerbelly.
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Welcome. I also have a MES for 1 year and also live in Rio Rancho Nm.
Happy to have ya.
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Welcome to the best smoking site on Mother Earth, SMF that is. Congrats on the new MES, you'll be smoking some great Q in no time flat. These folks take it serious, because that's what makes great Q. It's all good my friend.
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Welcome Beerbelly, you got a favorite brew?

Legal or not there are just some things that must be done, such as smoking a fattie.
I must warn you though, once you try your first one you will most likely be hooked.
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Welcome beerbelly. Yes it is legal to cook fattie here and everywhere. Yes we do take our smoking meat very serous with out it we would all dry up and blow away.
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Welcome aboard beerbelly. Glad you found us.
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Welcome aboard Les! I hear ya on that and my wife no longer exclaims "Again?" when I pull out the camera to take pics. She just shakes her head sometimes, since she has accepted the fact that when smoking happens 'round here so do pics!

As far as the fatties are concerned...she laughs and calls that food-p**n and say's that should be illegal! She is impressed though and enjoys the fattie q-vues.
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Welcome Beerbelly - The main thing is having fun and picking up some pearls of wisdom along the way!
Looking forward to some of your qview!
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Welcome to SMF, glad to have you aboard!
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Hi Beerbelly, welcome to the forum! Glad to have you here. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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[quote=Fire it up;312491]Welcome Beerbelly, you got a favorite brew?

Drank Michelob ( had old frig. used to hold keg ) for years, that had to be the best tap beer ever. Then had to get rid of keg and drank in bottles most of the time. Just these last 6 to 7 years I switched to Bud, then now to Bud light. Guess you can say I pretty much am a Budman.
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