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Brisket & Ribs & Kool-Aid? W/Pics

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Edited by Meat Hunter - 5/26/10 at 9:51am
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Looks Very Tastey... Thanks for sharing your recipe..
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congratulations on trying something out of the norm! i am thinking of a way to work black cherry unsweetened kool-aid into my brisket smoke this weekend! results look great!
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OK, this is intriguing. I've copied to give it a whirl! Probably will used unsweetened.

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If I remember right, he only used half a packet of the unsweetened kind in addition to the rub mixture. I would probably add small amounts and give it a taste test to see what tastes best as not everyone makes up the same volume of rub. Cherry flavor for ribs, Black Cherry for brisket is what he suggested. My brisket really turned out great, and I was pleasantly surprised. I am for sure going to do this one again, though next time I think I will make two batches of rub, one for rubbing on the meat and the other I will inject into the brisket itself. Should be interesting.
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I had to give you points! That's some excellent looking brisky and ribs.
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Great looking Que! Looks like I am imitating you a bit on my brisket rub although I haven't added the Kool-Aid step yet. How noticable is it?

Points for excellet lookin vittles!
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Points. That is some awesome looking q. Nice job
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dood where the hell is the kool aid icon_eek.gif I was lookin for a big red glass full of nectar
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Beautiful grub, bud! Well done and thanks for blazing the trail on the Kool-Aid idea. Now for sure you have hooked a bunch of us to try it, and that deserves a big thank you.

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very nice looking, GREAT brisket pic.
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Very nice indeed, I love the looks of the ribs and the brisket looks mighty tasty too.
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Great looking smoke Meat Hunter! It looks like you mastered the new rig in a hurry too. points.giffor pink to the bone ribs, they look amazing.

I like the idea of using the kool-aid in a rub, it would be like amping up the cherry flavor from a spritz. That's a keeper.
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Thanks to you and everyone else for the compliments. How noticeable is the Kool-Aid? Well I did 2 of the 3 racks with the kool aid and one without. There was for sure a difference in taste. When tasting the rubs dry, right from the bowl, you can really tell its in there, at least with the sweetened koolaid like I used. Had a very subtle, but noticeable cherry taste to it. I guess it sorta disipated as time went on in the smoker. Side by side, both my kids and even myself prefered the one with the koolaid in it. Gotta give a big thanks to Smokebuzz for turning me onto that one. A keeper for sure.
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Kool and the Gang

Noob question ..

In the Q/view you have your therm prob in a potato. Is that a "general temp?" or too much meat on the Q to have indivual (likewisekinda expensive) and waste full to keep opening the door. Bloody awesome thread.. great looking RIBS and the down pilows are gonna smell like brisket next time at my house.. the GIRL is gonna hate that! TO bad.!

and when shes asks what my secret ingredent is I'm never gonna tell her that it was Kool Aid!!

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Excellent job, I was reading the one Smokebuzz did and it sure got me curious.
Add one more member going to give this a try. Black cherry sounds like it would be great.
Beautiful looking smoke.

Heliboy, the probe through a potato is to keep an eye on the temp insode the smoker and to keep it from laying on the grates, you can also use a piece of wood and I have used an onion a few times.
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Hi there. I put the probe in the potato to give me a reading of the smoker temp itself. Keeps it up off the grate and to give a more accurate temp. Some people use a small block of wood with a hole the size of the probe and use that, I just grabbed a tater and used it instead. As far as the meat goes, I put the other probe in the thickest part, when that piece comes to the temp I want, the rest is done as well. Some people who have really large smokers will have a few probes going at the same time as there can and often are differences in temperature thru out the smoker. Also, if one if doing say a brisket, a couple of chickens, a pork loin and a fattie, you are going to want a few probes to tell where each one stands as far as temps go.

The down pillows worked great. I was totally surprised by how long that brisket maintained its temp. Over 10 hours in the cooler with the pillows and it was still too hot to handle with bare hands.
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Wow, who'da thunk it, Kool-Aid as a rub??? That's what makes this site so great, the ingenuity of the members, and the mad-scientist experiments.

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Gettin quite a few positive comments about the Kool-Aid rub. Although I'd like to take credit for itPDT_Armataz_01_22.gif, I can not. This was SmokeBuzz's idea, so all the credit must go to him. Check out some of his posts, some very cool ideas.
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