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Trident 1 test burn

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The ol girl be puffin along, ya can't hardly see the smoke but it be thin an blue!

250° in bout 40 minutes, an it's rainin! Gonna take her up well beyond that ta cure the paint some more an just make sure the inside be cured well an anythin left ta burn out is gone.

Tammarraw I'm plannin on doin 4 racks a spareribs fer her first true smoke!
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She's looking great, Tip! Looking forward to seeing her first true smoke.
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Nice drum build Tip. You did very well and you're going to be rewarded with some great Q.
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Looks good, Tip! Looking forward to the Qview of your rib smoke.
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I'm LOVING the way that smoker turned out, Tip. Very professional looking, the Gator fans down here will love the color scheme.

Can't wait to see the grub coming off that rig. Great job!!
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Hmmmm......Mikey see's good thing's from that! Attachment 21334
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Sweet build!
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Looking good Tip!
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