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22.5" Cast Iron grate

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Looks like they are going to be available in June. Expensive though.
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Nice design, would allow access to coals on the kettle or to you bottom rack on a UDS.
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At $77, it costs about as much as my weber kettle!
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Yes, it's very expensive. In Germany they are $69 Euros though and I'm sure shipping would be alot. Too rich for me either way. Your right, as much as a Weber kettle.
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...but they're really cool!
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That is great! And they have griddle/hotplate and pizza stone products, love it!
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Oh Hell yea, I am a cast Iron freak and I will have one ordered, oh wait a minute, I pre-ordered one.....WooHooo!!!!!

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That looks very cool....
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ouch, can lodge knock them off for $28.88 at walmart
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Hmmm...looks interesting
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I want one of these.
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Finally got my hands on one of these. Cant wait to try her out tomorrow night
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I contacted Weber about these grates hoping they could help me locate them. NADA!! They wrote back saying sorry they didn't have them and couldn't help. A little discerning coming from my favorite kettle grill maker but never the the less I persevered and low and behold thanks to you guys I've found them! I'm going to order the 26.75" grates, is there any updates note worthy of these grates? Thanks to all!
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