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Which stuffer do you use?

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Hey again,

I was hoping to get some general feedback on this subject. I have a 3lb Stainless steel horizontal 'horn' stuffer that I tried to use the first time this past weekend, and, I'd have to be Charles Atlas to get meat to squirt out the end of that thing. And no, I'm not a wuss. At least that's what my mom tells me.

At any rate, I was stuffing meat sticks, so the nozzle was narrow, and the meat mixture quite thick after adding Fermento, and I couldn't put enough pressure on that handle for the life of me. I didn't want to add any water because it was a cold smoke for 8 hours, and I'm not the most experienced at this, and didn't want to bugger the batch. Had to switch back to my KitchenAid mixer attachment stuffer, which has tortures all of its own. Took almost two hours to stuff 5lbs.

So, which stuffer to you use? And, what would you prefer if not what you have now? I was thinking about an antique Enterprise #35 stuffer/fruit press, anyone have any experience with one of these?

Thanks again!

Mark B
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Hi Mark,

I use a #8 LEM grinder to grind the meat. But, I will also use it as a stuffer for sausages that need to be emulsified. For all other sausages, I have a LEM 5 pd stuffer, and I love it. It makes the process very, very simple. You might check this out: http://www.lemproducts.com/

I'm sorry, but I can't be of any assistance w/the #35.

I hope this is of some help.

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I have an old 5lb vertical I got from SausageMaker many years ago. It works fine but I would be happier with a 10lb from Northern Freight or lem or wherever, they look pretty similar to me and cost less. I stuffed a fair amount of sausage with an old enterprise and if you already have it you can use it but I wouldn't go out and buy one. They weigh a ton and are a lot harder to clean. Also, a lot of them are worn and allow meat to get past the presser plate and make more of a mess. That was my experience with them anyway.
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I have a 25lb., 2 speed Sausage Maker.

For sticks I only fill my canister half full. With mine it is too much pressure on the stuffer with the canister full. Also I add water when mixing and let the mix refridgerate overnight for the cure to evenly distribute before stuffing the next day. The next day I let the mix sit out and warm up from fridge temp (it has cure in it) ao it is easier to stuff.
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I've 5 lb Grizzly stuffer for about a year and a half now. I think Grizzly's is the least expensive and is identical to the LEM and Northern Tools 5# (plastic gears). If I had it to do over again, I would get a 15# with metal gears. I think Northern Tools usually has the best price on their 15# model. Having a bigger stuffer would save a lot of time when doing bigger batches. I rarely just do a 5 lb batch anymore and frequently do 25 lbs. I haven't had a problem with the plastic gears, but that doesn't mean I won't.
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15 lb from northern tools. reasonably priced and works great.
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What he said! ^^^^
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Don't know much about the #35 but I use an F. **** 12 lb. I'm glad I spent the extra money on it (at the time it was only $80 more than a TSM model) because I ran into the same problems on tough stuffing and I think I would have broke another brand. (I'm tough on equipment). I've had friends / relatives break the gears on other stuffers.

Here are some pic's:

Closeup of the stainless hardened gears:

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I use the 15 lb from Northern Tool like some of the others have said
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I got an old 5 lb'er for The Sausage Maker which works great for me . but I rarely do over a ten pound batch
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5lb. grizz. I like it -but hands down if your gonna stuff sausage u need a vertical.
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Got a 5lb lem with metal gears an love it! Ifin doin a big batch I just gotta fill it more often is all. Price was excellent. I'd never buy nothin but a vertical, course there are some good horizontals out there, but boy yall better have deep pockets fer one a them!
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I'm using an 8 qt Enterprise I got from my folks.....mainly because it was free. I only use it with the 2 gallon zip lock bags, but no cleanup so far. Downside is it's heavy and crank handle is 90 degrees to the spout. On modern vertical stuffers, the crank handle is opposite or 180 degrees from the spout. One man can crank with one hand and stuff with the other.

On the modern stuffers, the can with spout slips out of the frame for easy cleanup. Most are similar design. Sausage Maker appears to be made by F-****, and which are the most expensive by far. If I wanted the very best, I'd get one of those.

If I wanted a perfectly good tool at a reasonable cost, I'd look at Northern Tool. Sized according to your needs.

On ease of stuffing, letting the meat set in a can or bag overnight is like letting a bag of cement setup. Do that and it will never go through the stuffer. Go ahead and stuff it right out of the grinder. Add a cup or so of ice water if need be. It seems to work better and the water doesn't make any difference I that I can tell.
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After many years of stuffing with the grinder, and cussing and cursing I broke down and bought a Frederick **** 30 Lb. stuffer. I actually bought four used ones, refurbished them all, sold three, and made enough to pay for my one, as well as covering the refurb cost. There is no question about whether the gears on one of these can cut it. They can't be beat in my opinion.
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Now thats just crazy. We can't post a commonly used name anymore on a public forum, because it can and has been used in a profane manner. Dear Lord, what is it coming toicon_sad.gif?
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Hog Warden and mulepackin
I agree, F. - D.I.C.K. is an awesome stuffer and we should be able to post it's brand name; others reading may want to purchase an F. - D.I.C.K.
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This 15lb stuffer could be a good deal for someone if the bidding doesn't go too high. http://cgi.ebay.com/15-LBS-VERTICAL-...A1%7C294%3A200

Current bid is 112.50 + shipping.
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Lol - oh sure, tell the whole world! I've got it already on my 'Watch' list.
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Um, not that there's anything wrong with it, at all, but I myself wouldn't be all that comfortable shouting from the rooftop that I'm a D*** man...

Kidding aside, I'm not much for censorship of any kind. I have yet to see a written or spoken word cause bloodshed without the heavy hand that often follows. According to the George Carlin Website, there are 2443 dirty words and counting. Not only wouldn't I waste the energy in trying to avoid saying/hearing/thinking/laughing at all of them, I just don't think its possible, or even desireable. Anyone who can claim serious physical or mental injury because of a word obviously hasn't been outside much lately. Quite frankly, hearing your mother say 'you father and I had such high hopes for you' is far more damaging to a person than any little 4-letter nancy word. But then, I am a rude and coarse human after all.

(I thought this site was about smoking meat.....tongue.gif)
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LOL!! Sorry Mark. Hope you get it.
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