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Mac N cheese recipe

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So im smoking a pork butt and ribs on Sunday for my parents anniversy and would like to try and smoke some mac n chesse. Does anyone have a recipe they would like to share with me? Thanks

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Are you looking to do a smoked mac n cheese or just a regular recipe? I know there are a few really great recipes on the site, I'm sure someone will be able to point you to a great one.
Personally I LOVE macaroni monterey. It's not your regular mac though, it has sour cream, butter, s&p, monterey jack cheese and maybe something else, I forget the exact recipe.
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so Many diff kinds-where to start? I would do a search on a food link-theres everything from old basic to gourmet with ham.
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GOT14U did an excellent smoked macaroni and cheese not long ago. search his posts and you will find it!
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thanks everyone. Im looking to do a smoked mac n cheese. Maybe one with jalpenos in it icon_lol.gif
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Just went and checked the one you told me to and that looks great!!! Cant wait, hopefully I will have QView of everything Sunday!!
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I like the BBQ-U Smoked Mac & Cheese recipe.

Here is it with prime rib that I do from time to time.
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