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Whole Hog pork score

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Had a customer come in yesterday, and in conversation he brought up he was from Graham Texas and the big problem they're having with wild pigs there. I grinned and told him I wished I had that problem, I was a former meatcutter and they'd be strings of sausage instead of footloose. Well, his problem is not knowing what to do with them once he kills them... a coalition was formed! He'll kill, gut, skin and quarter a 100-120lb. sow, remove the head and hooves and bring it to me in a large cooler. I'll cut it up , make sausage, etc. and we'll split the meat as my payment! Sows only, no boars.
I also gave him the SMF address and urged him to get on and join, he's got an offset smoker.
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Yahoo good for you! I know that all that extra sausage is going to become a huge storage problem for you so maybe I should send you my snail mail address for where to send the excess..... do ya think? icon_lol.gif

And Kudos for recruiting new members at the same time. tongue.gif
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You can't beat a deal like that! That's some good pork, you just may need a bit more fat to add to the sausage. Good score.
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Well I will have to give you my address so so share!...haha Great score!
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Great score Pops.....will be lookin forward to you're wild pig sausage post!!
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Congrats sounds like a great deal for both of you!!
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We're waiting for pics!
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Hog heaven. Literally

Can't wait to see some pics
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Sounds like a match made in heaven!
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Now, that's a deal.
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Wow - good luck you! What a great opportunity. Thanks for sharing!!

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Good for you!

Congratulations Pops, that's a deal we all wish we could have. Part of the benefits of living out where you are, aren't they? Good for you! Can you take a haunch o' wild pig and barbecue it, or are they only good for sausage? I'm thinking PPB from that wild stuff.

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Oh there's definitely some whole butt Q'in' in the picture, that's for sure!
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That is one great Deal. Keep us posted and updated with pictures.....
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way ta go pops keep us informed please
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Y know, Pops, if you get too buried in all that wild sow, I have a truck and ice chests, and I can bail you out...

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Whole hog sausage man that is the ticket....good score,,,, know a few hunters in texas they are over run with wild a hunter out...good trade....
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You just had to take it over the top...! I need a bigger place if I'm going to have all these toys!icon_idea.gif
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