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Top Round & ABT's w/ Q-view

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A nice sunny Sunday, no better way to spend it that to fire up the smoker. My offset is still down in my yard from alst weekends MiM party, so I will use the WSM a friend loaned me. The WSM worked great yesterday.

I am doing a top round of beef, smoking with lump, and a little mesquite until it gets to 135.

Also doing some ABTs for snacking. Jalapenos stuffed with Roasted garlic, cream cheese, shredded jack, green onions, bacon.

pics to follow,
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Just had some smoked top round yesterday on a sammie and it was delish! If it turns out anything like your crillo mojo chicken, I'm sure it's going to be good.
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im hoping so, I love rare beef. It will be a first try, an I am looking forward to it.

I am also simmering, and baking a ham today so I can make ham and scalloped potatoes for dinner tonight.

The ABT's are a snack this afternoon, and the beef is for sandwiches during the week, plus a snack here and there.
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sounds great Jim !!
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Sounds like a great combo on the smoker I'll look forward to the Qview
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smoke is done, pics downloading now(slowass flickr)...

beef turned out great, olive oil, McCormick Montreal steak blend, onto the smoker for, & took it to 140 degrees before pulling, and resting for 30 mins, it will go in the fridge overnight before slicing, although I tasted a few pieces, juicy, slight mesquite taste. Medium rare. ABT's very nice, half eaten. Also the ham is done, simmered it in beer, ginger ale, cloves, garlic, black pepper, and water until it got to 160, and then slathered it in honey, and inserted cloves, and baked it in the oven for about 30 mins.

Ill post the pics after another few beers(or while flickr downloads them) whichever comes first. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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here we go:

seasoned beef pre smoke:


finished beef:

ABT pre assembled:

ABT plated:

for the heck of it here is the ham:

beef is in the fridge for slicing tomorrow, ham is sliced, and in the oven as ham and scalloped potatoes.

thanks for looking
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Looks like some good grub. Nice job Jim
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thank you, the end result is as fun as the afternoon on my deck making it happen.
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Looks like another successful day of smoke ya had there! Nice job!!
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Fantastic Jim. A good day sitting on the deck smoking meat is always better than a day doing almost anything else.


That beef looks delicious.
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Nice job! Everything looks delicioous.
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thanks all,

I am looking forward to getting home tonight to slice some of that beef for a sandwich.
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sliced the beef last night(a few slices to snack on before I mowed the lawn), and the balance after mowing. Perfect medium rare, subtle mesquite taste, juicy, and tender. I sliced it by hand with my chefs knife, and got it pretty thin. (I do need a slicer, and have been keeping my eye open for one when restaurants close.)

I had a sandwich of the beef, provolone, and horesradish sauce on dark rye, and it was really good. I took pics of the sliced beef, but I wont have time to post them until this weekend.
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Great lookin smoke Jim....sammie sounds perfect...can't wait for the pic!!
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I have some with me for lunch today, no bread, just a salt shaker. PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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finally some free time to download the pics of the sliced beef. It turned out so well I doubt I will ever cook another beef roast in the oven.

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