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geez,,is that all that's coming???? Anyways Jerry.....I will be there on fri morn,,,,,,lemme know what i need to bring sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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We are coming to enjoy and meet everyone. The wife and I will be there for sure with Dawn in tow. I see that grouper is bring a shower get up so I dont need the one I was bringing so let me know jerry or laurel if I can bring anything to help.
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I'm working on the grocery list as we speak. Already have a couple names that will be contributing to the "grocery fund". Please shoot me a PM (if you haven't already) letting me know if you want in on this.

Got approved for a 1/2 day off on Friday so I plan on arriving at camp around 5pm.
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Just a friendly reminder to bring your beverage of choice with ya (alcoholic or nonalcoholic). Jerry has an ice machine so there won't be a shortage of ice to load the cooler up with.
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I'll be headed to camp in a few hours to start getting stuff ready and chill for a few days. Looking forward to a fun weekend
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Have fun y'all.
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Ok I'm here and the camp grass is cut biggrin.gif I brought a whole pig split in half, two butts, a brisket, venison backstraps, bacon, summer sausage, and some jelly. I got in yesterday and Groupersandwich was good enough to come help me unload he even came back today and helped me switch from the finish mower to the bush hog so tomorrow I'll start on the roads.
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Glad to hear all went well at the camp, Jerry. It was good of Brian to help ya unload some stuff.

Can't wait until this wknd!
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Yeah, me either Laurel. It's gonna be GREAT! Question is, who's a player for the SABT's this time?PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Enjoy eveeryone, Way it looks I will be in the rain for the next two days then workin my tail off till next Friday.....
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Well, how about a update. Or are ya'll havin to much fun?
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All have arrived we have had dinner but now Laurel and Brian have gone to buy more booze PDT_Armataz_01_13.gifbiggrin.gif

Oh Ganny is MIA evidently ain't heard a word from him
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Remember to take lots of Qview for those of us that couldn't be there... icon_mrgreen.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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OH OH.biggrin.gif
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Now that bottle is about empty they may have to go for another biggrin.gif
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Oh ****!! Sounds like a good time to me, wish I was there.
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If Jerry wouldn't hit the bottle so hard. Geez. LOL Glad all is well
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Wow!! you guys ran out of booze after a few hours? Thats my kind of party. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wish I was there, I remember that when Laurel starts drinking her stories get real funny.

BTW Lee Courso picked the Tigers in tonight's game so us LSU fans may as well conceed right now and worship at the TEEBOO shrine!
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Sounds to me like any mod that is there isn't going to be very useful for a few days after the party ends...icon_mrgreen.gif

Don't hit the tequila too hard and tell us who gets the worm...
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