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To all who share this wonderful birthday with me! I saw there were a few.
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday NOLAsmoker!
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Enjoy your day!
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Happy B-day!!
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I will!!! have some good friends coming over for some good food, drinks and fun!
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Happy birthday NOLAsmoker, we do share the same birthday, hope yours is as good, and relaxing as mine.... My present to me is the day off from work.

Already been out, the lady friend had an appointment at her sons school. I waited in the truck for her, battery went dead... 4 year old battery in july, 72 month warranty. I guess my second present to me will be a discounted battery, lol

all is good,
aka Rocky
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Enjoy yout birthday my friend.
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I think the shoulder is coming out great! its at around 128F and pretty much stuck there sence a bit ago... it seems to have plateaued more than once. Its such a hot day out here in New Orleans, so I have to be in and out. I can't watch it the whole time (or I'll be a piece of charcoal myself)...
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Happy Birthday! If you fill out the info in your profile, it will show up with the names of the other people who share your birthday next year. smile.gif
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