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Looking to smoke a top round

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I have not done any beef yet anyone have any guidence???
I have done meatloaf, ribs & chicken all good but I need guidence on a roast.
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No worries, smoke it until you like it! Rare, Medium, Well.

Check out this last one I made. The rub is on the bold side, though not hot. If you don't want a bold flavor, go with something will taste great just as well.

Good luck!
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Looks like Rivet has you covered. Good luck and great looking roast Rivet.
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Beef: the other white meat aint it. You cook it like everything else with a good rub and alot of love. Let the smoke be with you. Good Luck
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Personally I don't believe top round has enough fat to do a long high temp smoke like a chuckie or brisket. They are however great at lower temps and sliced for sandwiches. The ones I just did I took to 135 then foiled and rested, sliced thin and it was good
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Piney has it right... only at my house it would need to do to 145...
Try to take it to 200 like a chuck and it will be dry...tasty but dry. good luck and let us here how it goes for ya...
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