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Three Little Birds

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Fired up the GOSM this morning and put three chickens on.

I didn't do a whole pile of prep, but laid on a rub that will hopefully work out ok.

Put the 8 year old offspring to work, and she came up with the following rub ingredients:

Garlic powder (LOTS)
Chili powder
Sea Salt
little bit of white sugar (again...all her idea)

Mopped it about halfway through with a bunch of homegrown herbs (oregano, lemon basil, summer savoury) and melted margarine...along with garlic...what is with my kid? Always the garlic icon_lol.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Pics to follow.
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Wow, she's got creativity, nice to have the little one share the fun. Congrats my friend.
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She is definitely getting into this smoking thing. When i bought the GOSM, she made me "sell" her my Char Broil! She worked out heck of a deal out of me too! All I got for it was two clothes though icon_lol.gif

Here's a couple of the chickens:

Just in:

partway through:

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Hey great chickens and sounds like you got a wheeler-dealer smoking queen there! Good deal!

And now you can have a "Barbie-Q" PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

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Everything looks like it's going along just fine. Can't wait to see some pics of the finished product.
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Here's the finished birds. I didn't get pics of any plated pieces...but trust me, it was fantastic. I used the drippings for a gravy after skimming off all the fat. man oh man, chickens have a lot of fat in them!

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Thats some good looking birds wish I was there to help eat.
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Love the song 3 Little Birds. Always calms the nerves when I'm streesed out. Way to get the little one involved.

Great looking smoke!
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Good looking birds you've got there!

I have a foodie in the making too. Love it when the kids help cook. It's great when my boys enjoy the same things I do.
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Great looking birds Chopper! Sounds like you got a good deal... only 2 barbies. icon_lol.gif Good goin'!
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