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Brinkman Problems

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I have a Brinkman 2 door square upright, I am new to smoking and have had it for a couple of months and have had nothing but trouble. First I could not get the temp below 300* F on the lowest setting on the door thermometer so I bough a replacement from KCBBQ, called brinkman and was told I need a new regulator so I bought a new regulator and a digital thermometer with two probes there was still a variation so I checked both thermometers with boling water and door thermometer was off by 33* F high and the probes were dead on 212-213* F problem solved?? no now the flame goes out for no reason!! I'll set 250* F half hour later the temp is 200* F open the bottom door and no flame!! I am ready to use the brinkman for target practice!! Can anyone suggest a gas smoker that I can set and forget!!
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Alot of people on this forum that use gas use the GOSM big block,or any other model. No gas smoker is a set it and forget it. Pretty close but I have great temp control with my Big Block.For a more set it and forget it I think the electric smokers are pretty good,although I don't have one .Wait someone with an electric will give you some better info on them

Here is a link http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/st..._SearchResults
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