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Beef Short Ribs (finger food)

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I wanted to try some boneless beef ribs on the drum. I do these a lot over a fire, but wanted to try them on the drum, then seared over the fire like a steak.

I just rubbed them with olive oil, then sprinkled with kosher salt and pepper.

Heated up my drum...

Smoked them with some potatoes at a temperature of 225 for 1 hour...

Sliced my potatoes, dipped them in beer batter and fried...

The ribs were cooked in 1 hour so I skipped the fire sear..

Sprinkled the batter fried potatoes with some homemade seasoned salt...
Cubed the ribs......

My company went through it pretty fast and I didn't hear them complain.

Thanks for checking out my finger food supper. :)
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As always...great looking.

So did you just use a knife and cut the meat off the ribs? Or did you buy it like that?
I've never had battered fried potatoes. How are they? They sound tasty.

Looks like a good Friday night with a couple of beers, some friends and some tasty morsels.

Points for sure.
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Good looking smoke Jeanie. Dippin' sauce and beer. Fine,fine.icon_lol.gif
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Thanks Dude and Scott!!
Dude, they were boneless beef ribs. They come that way at the store.
I really like the battered fried potatoes, they are crunchy on the ouside but tender in the middle. :)

Scott.... I like meat, tatoes and beer. lol Finger food! PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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As always, another dish I'd like to try...man, so many smokes, so little time!!!!!!! You got a knack for tossing something simple and sweet together, and coming out smellin' like roses! LOL!!!

Nice one Jeanie!PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif

Thanks for sharing your finger q-view!

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Wow, Jeanie those look great..
Nothing like a good smoke, good friends and some cold brew.
Enjoy yours!

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Thank you Eric and Scooby!
Eric, sometime keeping it simple tastes the best. lol
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As Usual

Great looking smoke!PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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The boneless short ribs are cut from the 'middle chuck' - below the blade bone but above the eye of the chuck.

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Amazing looking apps ya got there, Jeanie. Those look easy enough to try and get a batch going for picnics this spring! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Jeanie, my todo list is gettin' outa hand. Nice job and great qview.
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Great looking Q Jeanie, i also noticed that you had a good choice of beverage. You should run a food camp.
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That was great! And so true....wonderful food there Cowgirl. Thanks for posting and points especially for my favorite way of making potatoes!
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Thank you AZ, Pops, Laurel, Joe, Rich and Rivet!
The ribs and taters went pretty well with that cold beer. :)
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I just showed this post to my neighbor and asked what he thought. He said "How about next weekend?" I said Yep! We'll be having about 11 people here so this will be fun to do.

Thanks for the post and the pics.
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Killbuck, that sounds great! If I lived closer, I'd crash your party. lol

Let me know if you need a beer batter recipe for the tatoes! :)
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what he said!!! nice job as always jeanie. your smokes at least for me keep me thinking as to what i can try next. keep up the good stuff !!!
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Nice job Jeanie. I shy away from boneless ribs since I figure they are just chuck, not like there is anything wrong with that.

Yours look fantastic. I love the taters. I learn something new with your posts
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Jeanie, that's just some awesome looking grub. I could use a little of that right about now.
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Thanks erain, Scuba and Keith.
Keith...sure hope you are feeling better!!! I'd sure send ya some if I thought it would help.
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