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Besides welcome the only thing else I can say is - "I'm JEALOUS!"
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Welocome aboard, congrats on the lang, and when do we eat??
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I didnt order the double 84. the tandem means its on a custom trailer. It is a 20 footer that has a roof frame already on it and the kitchen is framed. I had him add a fold up 4 footx 6 foot deck on the back so we can run some propane cookers and have extra space to use them. it will be kind of like the trailers you see at lowes that has the big fold up ramp. As soon as I get back and start getting ready I will start counting things down and some pictures once we go down there. Thinking about calling it ""The Smoke Wagon""" and use some wagon wheels for the Os. Im headed to Brazil at 4 am tomorrow and wont be back for 5 weeks so it will give me some time to ask you guys some questions...Thanks
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Where do you live in Tennessee? I might be close enough that I will take advantage of the free
I'm about halfway between nashville and knoxville
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Im about halfway between Nashville and Memphis...45 Miles south of Jackson down by Pickwick lake....Where is the best place for me to post questions concerning Lang and its use. Would it be under the STick SMoker forum
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Yes that would be the proper secton to use. There are quite a few on here that have Langs so info shouldn't be to hard to get. Oh and with all the Lang owners on here I don't know of one that doesn't love their Lang
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