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Garlic stuffed eye of round roast

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So hey everyone. Been almost a week since I have had a chance to post on here, gardening season is taking up so much free time.

Have a few smokes to post so there's some smoked goodness coming up.

First post is an eye of round roast. They were buy one get one free so I grabbed a couple that were just shy of 6lbs. Normally they are cooked at around 450-500 for 20 minutes or so then sit in the oven (heat off) with the door cracked for 2-3 hours for a medium to med-rare.
Of course an oven was out of the question, this thing was getting smoked.

I cut several slits into in and added peppers, salt and a piece of garlic.

Seasoned it up with SnP, garlic, cayenne, a little brown sugar and a little red pepper.

Smoked over hickory till an internal of 130. I would have gone to 135 but I threw it into the oven @ 500 for a few minutes to brown the outside.

Wrapped in foil for 20 minutes then sliced.

Used some of the drippings and juices from resting to make a gravy and Aus Jus. Poured Aus Jus over the beef and served with mashed and gravy and a biscuit.

Throwing it in the oven brought the temp up a bit more than I was shooting for but it was still a very nice medium. So tender I was truly surprised.
There was so much meat to go around i gave some to several family members and still had plenty to make a beef stew with, but that is another post.
Thanks for checking it out.
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Now that is some good looking grub there. Nice job.
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Looks good nice job!!
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Great job! Looks real good with that gravy!
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That looks cooked to perfection. Nice find on the price too.

Points from me.
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Good job.Are you growing garlic this fall.If not you should try-i have a few friends who grow good garlic in new jersey and conneticut.I grow about 100 bulbs a year in maryland-way better then storebought.
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Is it wrong to lick the monitor? Man that looks great!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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That does look fantastic! Nice job, juices are holding in the meat well, and the browning finish in the "O", looks like it worked out great!

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Real nice.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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points man!!! seriously this is the best looking eye of round i have seen!!!
great job!!!
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that beef, mashed, and the gravy look great,

well done.
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Man that is right!
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FiU that's some serious cooking there~ excellent! Love the garlics innit too, always a good thing. Great pictures, thank you.

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Very nice great job!
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Lookin' good Fire It Up, great pics!
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I don't know how this got by me..... UpDog....... that is......


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Good golly I believe I'd eat suma dat! Great looking grub man.
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