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Smoked Tri-tip. Awful

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I smoked a tritip for a couple hours yesterday in my $39 brinkman bullet smoker.

It came out nice and smokey. I removed it at 160F. Tasted as bland as could be on the inside.

Is this just a cut of meat that is better off grilled ?
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It's cut from the sirloin, you may have overcooked it, it'd be better at 135° internal, medium. Possibly the smoke overrode the beef flavor; what kind of wood did you use?
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I like em grilled, EVOO, Salt & CBP!
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I thought the same thing. I am going to try marinading one then smoking it.
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I have smoked alot of TriTip and they turn out great. I take them to 135 wrap in foil and rest for atleast 30-60 minutes. Heres a link to one I did a few weeks back.
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tri-tip is a great cut that most people dont know about. i do think you cooked to to high of a temp. you can go low and slow with these too. cook to 135 like the others are suggesting.
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i used to hate tri tip for the same exact reason you mentioned. at the time i only had a grill and would throw it on there for a few hours or however long it took. I would get a nice tasty crust with no flavor in the middle.

I have since evolved into a smoker and learned the ways. Tritip is now one of my favorite pieces of meat. I can only speak for apple wood since this is all i have ever smoked tritip with but its great. Super juicy in the middle, nice bark on the outside. i do a basic seasoning that is crushed black pepper, kosher salt, light dusting of garlic powder. i rub with extra virgin olive oil first, then season. Sorry, im out of order in my typing.

i smoked it at about 225° till the thermo reads 135° and slice thin to make sandwiches. Man, the flavor throughout is amazing. If you want more flavor just marinade it. In the past i have used Italian salad dressing with GREAT results.

give it another go.
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I usually pull mine at 140, but lately I'm getting bored with em. Going to try the Italian dressing marinade to try to change it up a bit.
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Thanks for the input. I'll try it again lower, slower, and take it out sooner.

I like using apple. I think I used hickory that time. My wife much prefers the taste of grilled beef instead of smoked so i'm not sure when i will get the time to try it again.
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I grill mine to about 140 using one of two flavorings.

1. Santa Maria style: just garlic powder, sea/kosher salt and cbp.

2. with a raspberry chipotle sauce brushed on after its cooked.
1 part raspberry jam, 1 part bbq sauce, a few canned chipotle peppers chopped and rinsed of the sauce they come in. Great stuff
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If your temp reading was correct, it was probably overcooked. This cut does lend itself to grilling with great results, especially when you use red oak.
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