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which propane smoker?

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i'm looking to get a propane smoker and wanted to get everyones opinion. GOSM seems to be the more popular one. I'm looking for something with decent capasity since I can keep my small bullet for doing little stuff when i'm by myself. I see a lot of people with the GOSM BigBlock. Anyone know where to buy this thing? I cant find it anywhere. Some people said you can get it from the home depot website, but I cant get it to come up. Any other suggestions on propane smoker out there?icon_eek.gif
I'd like to see it in a store if anyone knows where to get the BB in the lower hudson valley NY. thanks
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Bass pro shop's
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BassPro shop - $199.00 for the Big Block

Click Here And I Will Take You There!
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Gas Smokers

Take a look at the unit at Lowes I think it is Blue Flame model. Personally I think it is better constructed than the GOSM and less money.
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ok thanks eagle
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Lowes carries the Perfect Flame, I think it is called. It is not nearly as large as the GOSM Big Block. Probably would not take long before you were wishing you had a larger one...
Size DOES matter!
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You can also check out for a smoker, they have a two door model that I've got and like it very much a little pricey but I got it as a gift last month.
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I have the Perfect Flame an like it a lot with no major complaints so far.... But MoFo is dead on... I wish mine was bigger. Though plenty big from a quantity stand-point, it is not wide enough to get a full rack in it. I have to cut the first three off.
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I? haven't been in one in a while, but have you tried Gander Mouintain? I know ther is one in Middletown and one in Kingston.
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I have the small block GOSM and upgraded to the Big Block. I can almost fit what the smaller Gosm could, on one shelf in the Big Block. I found myself having to cut my racks of ribs in half to fit in the small one. For the extra $ I would get the BB. Instead of having to by another one down the line.

just my .02
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I agree....if you can ......get the Big Block GOSM.
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I have a smoke hollow no.6 it has 4 racks and a sausage hanger I am pleased with it
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That probably depends on how many folks you're going to cook for.

In my case, there's just the wife and me most of the time. Maybe, occasionally, 2 to 4 guests. And I don't have a freezer except for the one built into the freezer, so I'm not eager to have massive amounts of leftovers.

I have the smaller GOSM and never filled it up. And if it did get crowded, a rib rack would solve the problem.

But if you have a big family, plan to feed the whole neighborhood, or want to fill a freezer when you smoke . . . yeah, you want to the big one.
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