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Should I buy

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Does anyone have experience with this smoker


Fire box
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I asked the same question not long ago. I guess it all comes down to what ya want. The metal it is built from is less than 1/16th of an inch. I wanted a smoker with thicker metal and ordered a Horizon instead. Of course I paid quite a bit more too.
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Zoom product image.

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Item#: 15078066
Style#: OC-20X52
SKU: 0263-40121-0200
  • Handcrafted, all-welded construction
  • Wagon-style wheels
  • 20-in. x 35-in. cooking chamber
  • Commercial- grade temperature gauge included
Academy Sports has a few others you would be interested in.

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These are the ones I am looking at now. was going to get the one from Academy, the Old Country, but these are thicker and are made by Gator Pits out of Houston. Only a 4 hour drive to pick it up.
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I think this one is heavier than 1/16th of an inch. I was comparing ti to the chargriller pro that they also had. It made the chargriller look like it was made of tin foil. The cooking area looked a bit smaller but I'd bet it weighed at least 4x as much as the chargriller. It is built like a tank.
It almost looks like the same smoker as the old country.
I was just wondering if anyone had experience with this smoker and if it needed any mods. Seeing where the smoke stack comes out on the side at grill height; that will eliminate the necessity for that mod. I figure the only mods it might need are tuning plates and a basket for the firebox.
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that is a tweener in my opinion, not a cheapy but still sheetmetal and not a lifetime pit like you can expect from 1/4 steel, they are priced near to 1/4 inch prices. 10 gauge sheetmetal is much thicker than 16 gauge but still not really great as its .1345 vs .250 on 1/4, unless you are restricted by budget you owe it to yourself to check out the horizons at bass pro shops, call horizons to check on NY dealers or go over to Jersey

The china OK joes are 11 gauge and The Old Country smokers at academy are 10 gauge sheetmetal, sure much better than a cheapy but still not 1/4 inch, they offer old country pits that are 1/4" but they are much more expensive and available only through the dealer in texas as far as I know.
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No, it is not. I took a tape measure and measured it.
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