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Dry spares

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Gonna do em up dry today all the way through. I have always sauced when foiling and at the end. just a little AJ to spritz along the way.
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Please keep us posted on our progress. Right now I am foiling my ribs, but will also want to do the no foil thing soon.
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dirtman - i think that you're going to be pleasantly surprised!
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No foil sounds like your crossing to the right side of the tracks. hehehehe

TasunkaWitko said it best you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Have fun!
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the smell eminating from my back yard has attracted the neighborly mongers after my rib's!!!! help, helptongue.gif
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you ahve two choices - share or vight them off valiantly!

lol - 3rd choice, tell them to bring a rack of ribs by NEXT week!
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this is 5 hrs in
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Those are looking great
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just got done wrappin em in the foil and got em restin in the cooler. I've never done them dry b 4 so im hoping for the best.
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hahahaha lol. my neighbor nextdoor already has me doing her daughters grad party.
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drt - it's probably no big deal but when doing dry spares, they don't need any resting time - go ahead and pig out!
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Looking good. Nice work
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the finished product
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points.gif for a great looking ring. Nice job on your first beef ribs. Looking like a seasoned pro at them already!
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not beef, dude. pork spares. I've done many but never dry all the way through. i am now a firm believer of "no foiling"
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Nice job. They look nice and juicy.
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very nice!
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sorry fellas, forgot to add the desert. compliments of the wife
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Oops, don't know why I put that in there.
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Great job!!! and welcome to the right side of the tracks (wink)
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