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Variation on a theme

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So, I made my first attempt at ABT's today, with fantastic results. Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, JD Maple sausage and cheddar, then bacon-wrapped. Turned out well. As I was at the store I was planning for the family. I am working on their spice tolerance with a progressively spicier rub, and it's working. But, they just aren't up to jalapeno's yet. So I was at Walmart, looking for Anaheims or something. No luck. My eyes strayed across a bin of zucchini and I said, "Hmmmmm...." WOWicon_eek.gif!! I cut one in half length wise, then sliced each half into 3 pieces. I dug out the middles, snacking as I went, of course. THen I treated them the same as the jalapenos. 230ish for 90 minutes with Apple and ba-zowie, they were mild, crisp and heavenly. LIke my pork butt, I am too tired to post the pics tonight, but rest assured, I will post them tomorrow. My wife is insistent that I must share!
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Great job! Looking forward to seeing these.
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Looking forward to the pics.
There are a few strains of jalapeno peppers out there that have all the flavor but none of the heat. I tried growing them this year but only one sprouted, my sister is a wimp when it comes to spices (black pepper is spicy to her) but she loves the taste of japs, so I found they sell those.
Would be a great thing for those who love the taste but not the burn.
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As promised...

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Nice! Great idea!
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Now that sounds good. My wif and family are alittle heat senitive too so I will slip this one in ond see what happens.
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Looks good not a bad idea!!!
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