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Beef Chuck Mock Tender

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Did a beef chuck mock tender last night for dinner. Put it on the smoker for about ½ hr. then we had to go to the pharmacy so I put it in the oven (as I couldn't tend the smoker) until finished, about an hour later - still came out delicious! I tied it up to give it better conformity.

Don't see much about the mock tender; let me show you the cut. It comes off the top of the chuck blade, the small circle to the back of the blade bone on a chuck roast:

Taken out of the chuck as a whole muscle, it looks like this, tapered from small end to large:

What was left of the roast from last night (had to pick up batteries when out for the camera!)

It's more tender than rump, bottom or eye, about the same as sirloin tip.

Pops §§
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Great info. I assume that the mock tender comes from the little round muscle that is to the right of the inverted T of the 7 bone chuck
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So did you take a slice off the end? Just noticing the nice color.
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Yes, that's half of it left over from dinner, sliced off about 12 slices from it's original size. Like I said, had to pick up batteries for the camera so that's why I didn't get a 'before' pic, I bad. (I've been on vacation, normally buy 'em at work).
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Absolutely correct, that's why I posted a pic first of a 7 bone chuck so you'd know what muscle it's from.
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Cool. Thanks for the info. Looks like a good cut of meat.

Congrats on a successful smoke!
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Yes, it is! Not well known, most the time is cut into steaks. This one I picked up at Walmart; it was a tinge dark and was marked down about 30%. Let it sit in the fridge for a couple more days getting darker and better aged, then started it smoking until the wife reminded me we had to go to pick up my dipyridamole and only had a short time, so I oven'd it and when we got home had just enough time to boil up some taters for mashed and toss on some corn and make a meal out of it! Enough left today to have a second meal, maybe with rice this time, reheat it in the smoker!
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Y'know how you've got leftover spaghetti but not enough sauce, so you make more sauce and now you need more spaghetti, and so on and so on? Well, had that piece of roast left, then the wife decided to invite the youngest son and daughter to dinner last night as his wife was giving a party (she's a Pure Romance rep). Well, not enough roast left (he's a big eater). So, back to Walmart (to get the rest of my meds for the month) and picked up another whole mock tender. It and the half left from the night before on the smoker for 2 hours to an internal of 135° - here's a Qview fresh off the smoker sliced ready to eat! B a r e l y enough left for a meal tonight for the two of us!

Pops §§
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Looks good. Nice and pink, just the way I like it. icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for the pics and info Pops.
Looks great....nice job!!!
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